Stone Mixed Rice @ Baek Doo San, Jurong Point

First time eating a Korean stone mixed rice. Have been thinking of eating it for quite awhile. Looks appetising but just thinking that if it has more meat it will look better.

After mixing it up and tasting it, the rice can be described by the following words:
1. Soggy
2. Ketchup
3. Chilli Sauce
Yes, the rice tastes like the Maggi brand ketchup and chilli sauce. I actually tried a few mouths to make sure it wasn’t my imagination. I have no idea if the actual dish tastes like that but if it does then we can actually easily cook this dish at home.

Same disappointment as the Seafood Noodles that I had at the same restaurant. If you are a fan of Maggi tomato and chilli sauces you should definitely go for it. If not, don’t.

1 Jurong West Central 2
#03-37, Feast @ Jurong Point Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Seafood Noodles @ Baek Doo San, Jurong Point

To sum it up, it pretty much tastes like instant noodles. Nothing special. I could not manage to finish up that 1 bowl of noodles. Paid $8.00++ for instant noodles that comes with an orange juice and 3 side dishes (preserved vegetables) plus the only drink they have is orange juice. The waitress told me, “Orange juice, standard”. It’s actually pretty funny.

Do not recommend anyone to order this.

1 Jurong West Central 2
#03-37, Feast @ Jurong Point Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Catch an Ice Cream Machine @ Illumina

How cool (cold) is this machine?

This is the only machine that ever made me get $2 worth of tokens to try my luck. Ben & Jerry and Magnum. I decided to try my luck with the small containers of Ben & Jerry ice cream.

Did I catch anything?

Of course not. I would have shown the picture of the ice cream if I did.

Realised that it is something fun to do if you are sad or bored or both. If you catch something you get really happy plus an ice cream to make you happier.

Going to practice my skills in my brain. Going to play it again the next time I’m at Bugis.

R Burger @ Orchard Ion

Finally, get the chance to try R Burger!

About R Burger:
R Burger or Revolution Burger is a Japanese concept founded on the premise that hamburgers can be made and consumed differently. The idea that hamburgers are unhealthy have been completely revolutionised with our vision of a healthier and tastier alternative.
The hamburger, which was originally founded as a western fast-food, consists of baked buns, lettuce, pickles and sauces like Ketchup and mustard. R burger buns are substituted with white and fluffy steamed buns. The white colored steamed buns are chosen for its exceptional softness over normal hamburger buns. The creamy whiteness of each bun stands out in stark contrast to the meat patties sandwiched in between. R burgers are topped with our own Japanese sauces like the R sauce, the Ume or Ankake. Japanese Shiso leaves are used to replace lettuces instead to give its unique flavour.

Another distinctive feature of R Burger is its use of marine collagen as part of its ingredients. While not at all uncommon in Japan, R Burger remains the first hamburger café to put collagen in their buns. This helps to stimulate collagen production in our body and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines, encouraging skin renewal.
Ordered a R Burger Combo which costs $8.80 which includes a burger, salad stick, potato wedges and a beverage.
R Burger 3
The burger resembles Kong Ba Bao (stewed pork belly wrapped in a bun) that my grandmother makes. Nothing much to comment on the meat as I can’t really feel the texture of it when I bite into the burger. I can only feel the bun and the crunch of the pickled daikon. I think it’s the first time I tried pickled daikon and it’s really very tasty. I can say it is what makes this burger special other than the steamed bun. The green coloured vegetable is actually Shiso leaves and it really looked inedible, like some plastic leaf decoration. It is used to replace lettuce in ordinary burgers and I did not actually feel it when I was munching into  the burger.
R Burger Salad Stick
I like the salad stick a lot. When I opened the container with the salad stick, the fresh fragrance of vegetables went into my nose. It's so unique to me as I never had a salad stick before. It is a salad so easy to eat. Just dip it in the salad dressing, take a bite, dip it in the dressing again and take another. In a blink of an eye, my salad stick was gone and into my stomach. The salad dressing was packed into a tiny container and it tasted so nice to me that I had to finish all of it by scooping the remaining bits of vegetables left in the dressing with the straw that I used to drink my Black Tea.

I did not like the Black Tea at all. Cold black tea tastes so weird. Actually it almost doesn’t have taste for something that looks so yellow. I prefer drinking hot tea. I think cold tea is only good when lots of sugar is added.
The wedges were fine. Has slightly more potato than flour compared to other potato wedges I have tried and does not feel as oily as others. I also saw the person who prepared the wedges try to squeeze in 2-3 more of it for me. How nice...

Overall I had quite a nice and refreshing dining experience. I probably wouldn’t eat R Burger anytime soon because there are so many other food stalls in Ion Orchard that I have already aimed and must try. However, I still recommend that everyone try it when you go to Ion Orchard. The stall is located at Ion Food Hall which has many other food vendors selling their own specialty food.
2 Orchard Turn, B4-56/57
Singapore 238801

Jia Xiang Mian @ Jurong Point

The shop was empty at 3PM with no customers at all. Have planned to come to this shop to try their noodles for quite some time. Therefore, we just decided to go in despite the ‘no customers = not nice’ thinking.

The ingredients like the vegetables were very fresh and the Cha Shao was alright because it was not the factory-made-standard kind. The noodles looked unique to me although it resembles instant noodles. First few mouths and it really lacked flavour so I added some chilli which was placed on the table. After adding chilli, the noodles tasted much better. A bowl of soup was also served which had 3 wantons and 2 shrimps. I did not really like the soup, was pretty tasteless compared to soup I get from wanton mees but the shrimps and wanton were fine.

However, I’d say that $6.42 for this quite ordinary-tasting noodles is not worthed it. I’d be more glad to pay $2.50 for a plate of wanton noodles at a coffeeshop.

Opening Hours
10am to 10pm
63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-90/91/92/93/94/95 (JP2)
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 64833

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