Wendy's back in Singapore! @ Holland Village

So this is my ever first visit to Wendy's. It opened at the location where my favourite-childhood Burger King was.

I was expecting a more interesting menu in this fast food restaurant.

To my expectations, I saw baked potatoes and shakes!

I eventually ordered a shrimp burger combo and a baked potato with chilli and cheese. I also changed my soft drinks into a twisted chocolate frosty with Oreo.

The shrimp burger was really nothing special. I find a lack of greens in the burger. All there was was only a piece, yes... ONE piece of lettuce. The shrimp patty was slightly black showing an obvious sign that it was probably overcooked or cooked twice. I was hoping for huge chunks of shrimps in the patty but there was only a few shrimps which weren't even thick and juicy. How I wished I ordered the triple cheeseburger instead.

However, I find the idea of wrapping the burger in an aluminium wrapper interesting. It helps protects your hand from the heat of the burger when you are eating.

The baked potato is fine. It's cooked till it's so soft you can simply eat it easily with a fork or a spoon. The chilli and cheese makes the whole thing gooey and sticky which is really my 'kind' of food. I only dislike the baked beans added in.

I'd definitely come back to this outlet at Holland Village as it's so quiet and comfortable. I can even revise for my examinations here while slurping on my shakes and munching on my fries.

Laksa Mee Tai Mak & Egg Noodles @ Toast Box, Resort World Sentosa

Your regular instant noodles with many other ingredients.

It's rather spicy. People who enjoy eating spicy food would love this, especially when you accidentally swallow the chilli padi.

This bowl here comes with luncheon meat but there are several other varieties you can choose from and it costs around $3+.

Not a bad option to go to if you got nowhere else to fill your hungry stomach with something economical in a shopping centre.

Laksa Mee Tai Mak Has the same touch as Katong Laksa as you can eat the noodles with just the spoon. I'm not a fan of Mee Tai Mak but I see that it goes really well with Laksa.

Usually we don't get filled up by just eating a bowl of laksa because of the quantity. However when the usual thick beehoon is changed to Mee Tai Mak, it makes the dish much filling.

The gravy is really thick and has lots of ingredients as you can see from the picture.

It costs only $4.20 and is really worthed it, living up to its name as one of the signature dish of Toast Box.

To all cockles lover out there: This Laksa would really be much much much better if it had cockles.

Quick bites: Macaroni & Cheese @ 7-Eleven

I had always wanted to get a taste of 'microwave food' from convenience stalls like 7-Eleven. Finally bought and cooked one today. After watching cooking videos on Youtube always makes me super hungry.

 So I just rushed into the shop --> grabbed the most comforting food --> threw it into the microwave for 35 seconds --> Tada' a free meal

Just kidding, I paid $3.80 for it which isn't too expensive.

Looks like this after unwrapping. Not bad at all. Looks really appetising especially when I was famished.

Although the macaroni was a little soft, I felt that this microwaved food tastes better than macaroni dishes I have eaten in my life.

The cheesy sauce and the macaroni just goes too well together.

This is one dish I'll recommend anyone to get when their super-duper hungry.
Maybe I'll not call it a dish, let's call it a convenience food.

Very worthed it although it is obviously priced much higher than its cost since it comes from a convenience stall.


Who cares about that anyway when terribly hungry?
(Not paid to say this)

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