Korean Spicy Rice Cakes

I heard a lot about korean rice cakes so I finally got curious enough to order it from a korean foodcourt stall.

For anyone who wants to know what this tastes like, it is like not-so-sticky flour covered with tomato and chilli sauce. Around there, with a little korean flavour which I can't describe. It doesn't really suit my tastebuds but tastes much better with some dried anchovies. Those anchovies are just amazing and can make anything taste nice.

I would not recommend anyone who wants to eat a proper meal to order this if you haven't tried it before. Otherwise, go ahead on your own food journey!

Food (study) trip to Vietnam

I'm going on a food trip to Vietnam next Monday with my school. Everyone else is going to visit companies and universities and I'm going to visit the restaurants! ;)

i did a little research on myself and i'll be expecting lots of rice noodles, beef, fertilised duck eggs..... -.-

well, there'll be lots of fried insects as well!

Cheese Baked Portuguese Sauce Spaghetti with Pork Chop @ Wongkok Char Chan Teng, Bugis Junction

first time visiting this hong-kong style cafe so i decided to order something safe.

cheese baked spaghetti, what could go wrong?

well, i was wrong. although the TOP of the spaghetti was covered in juicy and yummy cheese, the bottom was just dry. I did not even have any sauce to mix with the dry spaghetti. i tried my best to finish it but could only finish half the serving.

it was my friend's birthday so we ordered this gigantic cup of milk tea. should i use the word "cup"?

ok, so we ordered this gigantic bucket of milk tea. was pretty epic when i saw it because i wasn't around when they made the order.

this spaghetti gave me a little bit of bad impression about this restaurant however it has a large selection on its menu. maybe, i might return to try something else. hopefully it'll be tastier the next time.

West Co'z Halal Western Thai Cruisine

This is a restaurant located at the top floor of West Coast Plaza. Many times, I see many people queuing up for their table so I thought the food must be great.

Hence, I decided to bring my family along to try it out. To my expectations, the food they serve are really delicious. One of their house specialties is Curry Fish Head which serves a good portion just for $15. The fish they use is fresh and overall the curry was very spicy and well prepared.

The next house specialty is Pandan Chicken. 
Don't they look like mini rice dumplings?

Each of the nicely wrapped chicken is wonderfully fried. The meat has a crispy texture around it and is really fragrant. This is really delicious and seldom seen around.

For desserts we had Red Ruby. Unlike those sold at Ice Kacang stalls, these do not have shredded ice. Instead, lots of coconut milk was used and made a really refreshing combination with the red rubies. It was really effective at taking the spiciness away from me as, other than the curry, I also had a very spicy Tom Yam soup.

There are many other dishes like crabs and prawns. The service and quality are good. This is a good place to enjoy "Tze Char" in air-conditioning. I am definitely returning here the next time I pass by West Coast.

154, West Coast Road
West Coast Plaza #02-23
Singapore 127371
Tel/Fax: 6779 1303

Goldilocks @ Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore

This fast-food restaurant, Goldilocks, is located in the Far Far Away section of Universal Studios Singapore. As you can see from the photo, they take hygiene very seriously. Even the counters which collects money and serves the food are separate.

In my opinion, the chicken they serve does not taste as nice as those at KFC definitely.

The criss-cut fries are great and overall the meal is really very filling.

This is one of the place you can consider dining if you got a crave for fast-food while in USS.

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