Korean Spicy Rice Cakes

I heard a lot about korean rice cakes so I finally got curious enough to order it from a korean foodcourt stall.

For anyone who wants to know what this tastes like, it is like not-so-sticky flour covered with tomato and chilli sauce. Around there, with a little korean flavour which I can't describe. It doesn't really suit my tastebuds but tastes much better with some dried anchovies. Those anchovies are just amazing and can make anything taste nice.

I would not recommend anyone who wants to eat a proper meal to order this if you haven't tried it before. Otherwise, go ahead on your own food journey!


  1. there's one korea stall at bugis junction basement, among the food stalls and the rice cake seems okay. i haven try b4 but u can certainly try when u're curious again haha!

  2. I love spicy foods! And this is really something I would love to try! Great dish!


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