Quick bites: Macaroni & Cheese @ 7-Eleven

I had always wanted to get a taste of 'microwave food' from convenience stalls like 7-Eleven. Finally bought and cooked one today. After watching cooking videos on Youtube always makes me super hungry.

 So I just rushed into the shop --> grabbed the most comforting food --> threw it into the microwave for 35 seconds --> Tada' a free meal

Just kidding, I paid $3.80 for it which isn't too expensive.

Looks like this after unwrapping. Not bad at all. Looks really appetising especially when I was famished.

Although the macaroni was a little soft, I felt that this microwaved food tastes better than macaroni dishes I have eaten in my life.

The cheesy sauce and the macaroni just goes too well together.

This is one dish I'll recommend anyone to get when their super-duper hungry.
Maybe I'll not call it a dish, let's call it a convenience food.

Very worthed it although it is obviously priced much higher than its cost since it comes from a convenience stall.


Who cares about that anyway when terribly hungry?
(Not paid to say this)

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