Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise @ Swensen's

This is one of the tastiest spaghetti bolognaise I have ever tried. Totally covered with cheese and bolognaise sauce, it is really very seducive pasta. The meatballs were not the best but they were big! This whole thing will fill your stomach up and leave you wanting more. I cleared the plate of all the sauce after finishing the spaghetti.

Sourdough 49ers Chicken @ Swensen's

New on the menu, these sandwiches are made of chicken slices, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese sandwiched between sourdough football buns. One bite of it and I already tasted the flavour of the chicken slices. What's more, it comes with fries that I like and coleslaw. However, getting a bread at Delifrance would be better if not for Swensen's 1-for-1 lunch promotion.

Fish & Chips @ Essential Brew, Holland Village

The fish & chips served at this restaurant is mediocre. A dish like this can be bought from somewhere else at a lower price.

The outer layer of the fish became soggy quickly.

The only thing I liked were the fries which I like to dip in the tar-tar sauce.

This not-so-special fish & chips dinner set that comes with a bowl of soup and a drink costs $22. Not worthed.

Honey Mustard Chicken @ Essential Brew, Holland Village

Nothing out of the ordinary.

The rice could have either had more taste to it or just serve white rice. I do not fancy food that looks tasty but has no tastes.

I can only taste the sweetness of the honey on the chicken and nothing else.

Nothing much to comment, not worthed the $22 for the dinner set which comes with a bowl of soup (more like half bowl) and a drink.

Food collection: Project C.A.N.

The day was tiring but it was worthed it! All the food we collected are for people who need them much more than we do. Our small group of around 38 people managed to cover 20 blocks of HDB flats in Sembawang.

Project CAN (2)

Dear taking a photo with the food and everyone else behind.

Project CAN (3)

My tokens of appreciation. Thanks! Also thanks to the families which were so willing to donate their food items (it was really heavy to carry them up and down the whole block).

Chicken Porridge @ KFC

Straight to the point. KFC smells horrible in the morning. The normal fragrance of crispy chicken in the restaurant was switched with a weird odour. Ordered this chicken porridge that comes with a cup of coffee at $3.50. It is a pretty small bowl of porridge.

The texture of the porridge is just nice and the taste is also good. It also comes with a packet of pepper that you can add. There were many chicken bits in the porridge, some with their outer coat of flour and some without but they all seemed to be leftover chicken from the previous day.

No matter how fragrant or how much ingredients it has, it's still a bowl of porridge that comes from a fastfood restaurant. I'd rather spend $3.50 on a bowl of porridge without the coffee from a hawker stall. KFC is not experienced in serving coffee anyway. I took a few sips and had to leave it alone.

Not worthed it, don't waste your precious breakfast on this.

Cinnamon Melts @ McDonald's

Tastes pretty good for something that comes out from the microwave in a fastfood restaurant! I have never tried this elsewhere but this McDonald's version is definately not some lame creation by a fastfood restaurant desperate to come up with something new. No matter how fancy it looks, it's just a few pieces of bread covered with cinnamon sugar glaze. The cinnamon sugar glaze was sweet but not so sweet that you will decide that you are sick of it after the first bite. However, I'll advise not to eat this before your burgers and fries or they might taste a little weird to you. I don't know how healthy or UNHEALTHY it is but it's worthed a try at $2.50.

Mango Ice-Cream @ Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Holland Village

It may look messy but it is because in this tiny ice cream restaurant, they will mix your ice cream together with your toppings from fruits to brownies and anything else you can think of.

We chose this combination called "Beat the Heat" which is mango sorbet mixed with mango, strawberry and raspberries. Cool right?

Imagine having mango ice cream with real mango and berries mixed in it to give it the texture and also make it sweet but will not let you get tired of eating it. I know it sounds gross but I can carry on eating it forever, let it melt in my stomach, pee it out then carry on eating.

It was heavenly. Seriously, it is the best ice cream I ever had.

At $11.50 for the large size, it is a little pricey but it is so worthed it. Best!

24A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village, Singapore 277683

Teppanyaki @ Sakae Tepanyaki, Cathay Cineleisure

There wasn't anyone at all in the restaurant despite it being the lunch hours. We ended up with our personal chef and restaurant.

Ordered the beef set and chicken set which added up to around $22.

Sakae Tepanyaki (3)

See the tofu being left slowly cooking at one corner of the griddle.

Sakae Tepanyaki

The egg at the middle of the griddle.

The bowl of rice left at the side is soon going to be turned into tasty garlic rice which tasted and looked like fried rice.

Teriyaki chicken never tasted so good to me. This is a must-try.

Sakae Tepanyaki (4)

Squid! Very well cooked but have to finish it fast.It doesn't taste as good once it cools.

Sakae Tepanyaki (5)

The beef was so juicy even though I asked it to be well-done. The sauce was so tasty that I even started eating the remaining garlic after I finished the beef.

It was such a fantastic experience and I'm sure to go back soon.

Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Road #04-01
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6333 8370

Spicy Thai Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice @ The Uncle Sam's Claypots, Clementi

It was only a little spicy and overall it tasted like mutton biryani to me. I still prefer the original Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice.

3151 Commonwealth Ave West
#02-11/12 CityVibe

Tel: 6778 3088

Seafood Claypot Rice @ The Uncle Sam's Claypots, Clementi

Gave me quite a disappointment. There were only a few prawns which were not very fresh and many pieces of fishcakes and crab sticks. The rice, which lacked dark sauce, was plain compared to the Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice that I had awhile ago. Not going to order their Seafood Claypot Rice again.

3151 Commonwealth Ave West
#02-11/12 CityVibe

Tel: 6778 3088

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