Pizza @ Timbre, Mt Sophia

Went on another regular outing with my friends and decided to head to Timbre for some drinks and food. I liked the ambiance, the music and of course the food.

We ordered the Italian pizza (recommended by staff) and the duck pizza (famous).

First of all, the serving was huge. Three of us shared two pizzas but still could not finish. Personally, I don't really like the duck pizza although its unique. I feel that to bring out the flavour of duck, there must be a good deal of duck fats (skin). However, I only found duck meat on the pizza which did not give the pizza that 'duck' taste. The only thing that helped was the presentation. The pizza was covered in spring roll skin which was rather special.

I find the Italian Pizza average, not much to comment on other than the nice crispy base.

The drinks I had were of good quality. Although I'm not yet qualified to critic wine, I could say that the wine they serve are of good quality and really pleasant to the senses.

The only setback is the below-average service. At one instance, one of the staff totally forgot to bring me a glass of ice water that I requested so I had to call for another one.

In conclusion, Timbre is a nice place to chill out with friends and even family at really reasonable prices.

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