Teppanyaki @ Sakae Tepanyaki, Cathay Cineleisure

There wasn't anyone at all in the restaurant despite it being the lunch hours. We ended up with our personal chef and restaurant.

Ordered the beef set and chicken set which added up to around $22.

Sakae Tepanyaki (3)

See the tofu being left slowly cooking at one corner of the griddle.

Sakae Tepanyaki

The egg at the middle of the griddle.

The bowl of rice left at the side is soon going to be turned into tasty garlic rice which tasted and looked like fried rice.

Teriyaki chicken never tasted so good to me. This is a must-try.

Sakae Tepanyaki (4)

Squid! Very well cooked but have to finish it fast.It doesn't taste as good once it cools.

Sakae Tepanyaki (5)

The beef was so juicy even though I asked it to be well-done. The sauce was so tasty that I even started eating the remaining garlic after I finished the beef.

It was such a fantastic experience and I'm sure to go back soon.

Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Road #04-01
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6333 8370

Spicy Thai Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice @ The Uncle Sam's Claypots, Clementi

It was only a little spicy and overall it tasted like mutton biryani to me. I still prefer the original Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice.

3151 Commonwealth Ave West
#02-11/12 CityVibe

Tel: 6778 3088

Seafood Claypot Rice @ The Uncle Sam's Claypots, Clementi

Gave me quite a disappointment. There were only a few prawns which were not very fresh and many pieces of fishcakes and crab sticks. The rice, which lacked dark sauce, was plain compared to the Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice that I had awhile ago. Not going to order their Seafood Claypot Rice again.

3151 Commonwealth Ave West
#02-11/12 CityVibe

Tel: 6778 3088

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