Fish & Chips @ Essential Brew, Holland Village

The fish & chips served at this restaurant is mediocre. A dish like this can be bought from somewhere else at a lower price.

The outer layer of the fish became soggy quickly.

The only thing I liked were the fries which I like to dip in the tar-tar sauce.

This not-so-special fish & chips dinner set that comes with a bowl of soup and a drink costs $22. Not worthed.

Honey Mustard Chicken @ Essential Brew, Holland Village

Nothing out of the ordinary.

The rice could have either had more taste to it or just serve white rice. I do not fancy food that looks tasty but has no tastes.

I can only taste the sweetness of the honey on the chicken and nothing else.

Nothing much to comment, not worthed the $22 for the dinner set which comes with a bowl of soup (more like half bowl) and a drink.

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