Ayam Pyt President Indonesian Food @ Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

So it was the end of our exams and it's class outing time!

Did not really tried Indonesian food before so I was very curious even before reaching the restaurant.

The restaurant was comfortable with soothing music playing in the background.

Ok, to the main point... the food.

Before we get served with our main dishes, we were graciously served with delicious keropoks.

I ordered Iga Penyet (Crushed beef fillets) which is the one on top.

It tastes so much chicken and was one of the most taste and delicate piece of beef (not steak-kind-of-beef) I have put in my mouth. 

It actually had some texture like chicken and that means you don't have to worry that you are going to find yourself chewing on a tough piece of meat. Must be because it's 'crushed'...

The chilli that you see is extremely spicy. Never ever put more than a tiny bit into your mouth. It's almost DANGEROUS. I only managed to finish around 1/4 portion of the chilli given.
It's only $6.90 and not only that it comes with fried beancurd and a kind of pastry that makes sure you have your tummy filled. However, you have to order rice seperately which costs $0.60 per plate.

Highly recommended, cheap and good.

Below are the other dishes ordered which includes their other specialties like Ayam Penyet (Crushed Chicken):


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