Lasagna Buongustaio @ Crazy Ang Moh, Bishan

Long story to this plate of lasagna.

Decided to go back to this stop in Bishan after the last time I had the Lasagna Spinach there.

Wanted to order Lasagna Squid Ink because I was hoping to try what squid ink really tastes like after reading blog posts about them. Really disappointed because the guy at the cashier told me that there was only Lasagna Buongustaio and Lasagna Carbonara left.

I ordered Lasagna Carbonara but when it came I immediately knew that it was not the right dish as it had onions on it. I was sure that Lasagna Carbonara doesn't have onions. I approached another person at the shop and he said "Sorry, we all sold out only left this."

But hey! You told me there was Lasagna Carbonara and I ordered it. The receipt even writes "Lasagna Carbonara".

As I am the kind who won't bicker over such things, I just said that it was ok. Its lasagna anyway!

The bad thing is I don't really fancy onions.

Back to the part ;"when it came" it was so hot that the cream sauce was bubbling. Looked a little scary but made me relieved that the flies would not attack it anytime soon.

It had a mild onion scent to it.

Normally thick white cream like this will let me get sick of it after a few mouths but in this dish, the cream and the lasagna fuses together and creates this texture and taste that you will not easily get sick of. From my research, this creamy sauce is the creation of the shop's boss.

The portion was also really big.

Big portion of restaurant standard lasagna at only $7. Worthed it, but just don't bring me the wrong dish the next time!

Stewed Beef Brisket @ Bishan

I saw this stall at the 2nd floor above Bishan Bus Interchange which sells a variety of food. There are certificates and posters pasted on the shop front so I thought, "I must try!"

It's best to offer was actually curry chicken which I knew because the poster all over were saying "Best curry chicken, Must try!" Something like this.

However It was late morning and I didn't felt like eating curry so I decided to order another of their specialty which was Stewed Beef Brisket with rice at $4. I could not pronounce its Mandarin characters (牛腩) well when I was ordering. Made a fool out of myself. I also did not know what 'brisket' means. Now I found out that it is the meat cut from the breast or lower chest of the cow.

Stewed Beef Brisket (3)

When I saw it was just a small bowl of soup I was thinking, "Sure got scammed!"

Not when I ate it that I found it to be very filling.

The soup has several pieces of beef, carrots and this white thing (you can see in the photo) which tastes like wintermelon.

Although I did not quite liked the taste, it was pretty unique. A little of sweet and a little of sour.

Stewed Beef Brisket (2)

The meat is pretty tough (some I could not even chew it totally and had to spit it out) but I like eating the fatty part which is on top of each of the meat.

At $4 I think it is worthed it only if you are a fan of beef brisket or you might not be able to finish the whole thing. Going to try the curry chicken someday soon.

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