Rojak @ Soon Heng, Toa Payoh HDB Hub

When I joined the queue, I was the 10th person. Singaporeans like me do like to queue up!

But the rojak is worthed every minute and money. As you can see, the packet of rojak is covered with peanut (looks abit like sand lol). There are so many ingredients inside this famous rojak. However, there is 1 ingredient that I found most unique. It's a pinkish flower on a stalk and the person preperaring the rojak will just slice and dice a little into the dish. Can anyone tell me what is it? Leave it in the comments please!

Peach Garden buffet @ Thomson Plaza

This was the place for our Mother's Day celebration with *almost* everyone in the family including my grandmother. It's Dim Sum buffet!!!

They had a pretty standard range of dishes to offer which included both steamed and fried dim sum. To sum it up, there were many prawns in most of the dishes and the dim sum were of much much better quality compared to those I have tried before.

However, I feel that they lack dishes which are unique to their restaurant. I was expecting some special dim sum that I never tried before but to my disappointment, there was none.

But to cover it all, the porridge they had was superb. Super texture and it is a combination of preserved eggs and chicken. I had another bowl even after I was full.

They had several desserts but the one I liked most was this Bo Bo Cha Cha. As you can see, it's not exactly like the regular white coloured Bo Bo Cha Cha. This one has a thick flavour like a soup and is served warm/hot. Even though it does not have many fancy ingredients, the soup itself will make you want another bowl of this.

I'll end my post here. Go try it out yourselves!

Happy Mother's Day!

Claypot delicacies @ Singapore Polytechnic, Foodcourt 4

This is by far the newest and best stall in Singapore Polytechnic.

There are over 10 choices of claypot dishes like claypot beancurd and claypot hokkein mee.
We ordered Chinese Pork Chops and Chicken Chops (with strawberry and mayo sauce).

So well prepared that you can compare these dishes to 'Zi Cha' restaurants' food.

Everything in the photo + 2 bowls of soup costs only $7 in total.

To the other stalls in foodcourt 4: You are facing a very strong competition.

Claypot Beancurd

Korean Food @ Gourmet Paradise

One of the best korean dishes I have ate at affordable prices.

So far I have tried their BBQ Chicken and BBQ Saba.

Their rice is the thing that left such a deep love for this stall in me.

I will update with photos the next time I eat there!


BBQ Saba (Sorry for the presentation of the fish, already started eating when I took this photo)

BBQ Beef

480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh Basement 1
Singapore 310480

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