Tomato Mussel Stew @ Swensen's IMM

Decided to try this after seeing reviews of it on another blog.

As described, the soup had a really comfortable taste of tomato to it. It was so delicious, I actually ate the onions which I rather not touch normally. I don't really know how to tell whether a mussel is fresh but it sure tasted perfect for me.

I'm not sure what's the white part of the mussel that is stuck on the shell called but I have always tried to eat it down as well. It was an enjoyment for me to cut it off and put it down my stomach. I wonder if there are others like me.

The bread was too crispy. I felt like I was having a earthquake in my head when I bite into it. Had no choice but to have it together with the soup.

At $13.90 which makes it $16+ after the GST and service charges, not really worthed the money to try it again.

Breaded Chicken Meuniere @ Swensen's, IMM

This chicken cutlet at Swensen's is so cripsy yet not oily.
It is really well marinated and the chicken is tender and of just the right thickness.

I don't know why but I like the small pieces of egg on the lemon. It has really a very unique taste. Don't see it being served like that in other restaurants.

The fries are also cut the way I like them. I just regretted not adding some black pepper on them.

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