Gyu Misoyaki @ Sushi Tei

Dinner with my family!

I decided to try out something different in a Japanese restaurant (again). Ordered Gyu Misoyaki which is basically several slices of beef, covered with some spices, which you have to kind of BBQ is on top of this plate which I think is made by clay. This is a little similar to Sukiyaki which I have tried before.

Gyu Misoyaki 2
Cooking in process...

Yummy! It costs $14 and I have to order 1 bowl of steam rice which adds up to $15.60. Definately worthed it.

Other dishes we ordered:

Salmon Sashimi- 5 slices for $7... It's tasty but...


Ton Chasoba

Sal Mentaiyaki - The salmon was really nicely cooked. I had the last mouth ;). Oishii!

Chawanmushi- Reminded me of the time I had to finish 4 bowls of Chawanmushi alone in a Japanese buffet. Errrggghhhggghggg...

Fortunately, my father's friend's family was sitting beside us (long story) and they lended us a member card which gave us 10% discount! Xie xie ni!

Kore wa oishii desu!

20 Lorong Mambong (Holland Village)
Singapore 277679

Telephone +65 6463 2310
Facsimile +65 6463 2316

Opening Hours
11.30am to 10.00pm daily
(last order 9.30pm)

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