Sweet & Sour Fish and Spicy Mayo Fish Fillet @ FC4, Singapore Polytechnic

Spicy Mayo Fish Fillet with Rice

Sweet & Sour Fish with Rice

Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice

At just $3.50 each, it is the kind of food you would eat in school when you want to fill up your stomach with good food but not spend alot!

The Spicy Mayo Fish Fillet brought me a taste I have never tried before. It was not very spicy and had a little sweetness to it. However, I felt that it can be less sweet as I do not prefer having a sweet meal. Furthermore, I left a tiny portion of rice behind as it was "flooded" with the sauce and I would really feel sick if I continued eating the sauce although it was unique and nice.

I thought the Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet would be the same as those you get at other stalls outside of school where the fish fillet is thick and has abit of chew to it but I was wrong. Both Spicy Mayo and Sweet & Sour fish used the same fish except with different sauce. The fish fillets were nicely fried and acceptably thin.

Definately worthed it ;)

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