Food collection: Project C.A.N.

The day was tiring but it was worthed it! All the food we collected are for people who need them much more than we do. Our small group of around 38 people managed to cover 20 blocks of HDB flats in Sembawang.

Project CAN (2)

Dear taking a photo with the food and everyone else behind.

Project CAN (3)

My tokens of appreciation. Thanks! Also thanks to the families which were so willing to donate their food items (it was really heavy to carry them up and down the whole block).

Chicken Porridge @ KFC

Straight to the point. KFC smells horrible in the morning. The normal fragrance of crispy chicken in the restaurant was switched with a weird odour. Ordered this chicken porridge that comes with a cup of coffee at $3.50. It is a pretty small bowl of porridge.

The texture of the porridge is just nice and the taste is also good. It also comes with a packet of pepper that you can add. There were many chicken bits in the porridge, some with their outer coat of flour and some without but they all seemed to be leftover chicken from the previous day.

No matter how fragrant or how much ingredients it has, it's still a bowl of porridge that comes from a fastfood restaurant. I'd rather spend $3.50 on a bowl of porridge without the coffee from a hawker stall. KFC is not experienced in serving coffee anyway. I took a few sips and had to leave it alone.

Not worthed it, don't waste your precious breakfast on this.

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