Iced Coffee @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

From what I can remember, the description read "Espresso over ice". Well it seemed like a simple drink for me, so I ordered it.

I could see how they prepared it and I felt a little discomfort by the way they did it. There were 2 cups. 1 to contain the ice and the other to hold the coffee. The person who prepared it, poured the ice into the coffee then she simply walked over to the tap after taking a peek at whether I'm looking. She on the tap for awhile, to let tap water fill the cup to the brim. Is it really supposed to be like this? If they just wanted to add some water to it, can't they do it in another way? Like using a container of water instead of just straight from the tap?

Well, it soon got off my mind. I never ever had black plain coffee before although I like my coffee to be a little bitter. It really wasn't what I expected. However, I had to drink it anyway as it'll be a waste to leave it.

When I first started sipping on it I thought, "Oh man, this is going to be real torture."

It was bitter without any trace of sweetness. Furthermore, because it was cold and closed in a cup, I could not really appreciate the fragrance of the coffee.

I took little sips, trying my best to finish it. After about 15mins, I started to find a way to taste the goodness of it! I will take a little sip, let it sit in my mouth (not gargle) and then swallow it by pushing it back with my tongue. I could feel the sweetness of this coffee which did not have any sugar or cream in it . There was really this sweetness and I was amazed.

This experience is wonderful. To be able to change my perception from being the "worse" order I ever made to the cup of iced coffee that gave me a little sip into the taste of life. Afterall, life is much like this iced coffee. Takes time to appreciate the pure and good things even though it may be horrible at first.

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