Fish & Chips @ Modern Grill, Holland Close

Although the price may be a little little high, at $6.90, for a plate of fish & chips at a coffeshop but...

The fish was really huge. Not only surface but it was thick as well! The meat is also really fresh.

The apple salad was just GREAT! The apple is so sweet and cut into tiny pieces. I just could not stop putting my fork into each and every piece.

The fries were quite normal with some spices on top but was served very hot.

The exciting thing is the sauce! Its a mix of mayonnaise and mango sauce. I was a little shocked as I did not expect it in a coffeeshop. However, I'd still say I do prefer Tartar sauce over the mango-mayo sauce.

Overall, I think it is worthed it and be prepared with a really empty stomach for the big serving of fish!

43 Holland Drive
Phone : 96922575
Opening hours : 12pm to 10pm

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