HK Rice Rolls @ Central Restaurant, 313 Somerset

Personally, I do not prefer my rice rolls to be sweet. I like the other version with prawns and soya sauce. The rice rolls served as this restaurant only wins those at coffeeshops by appearance. In terms of taste, it's the same.

I would like to know what's your preference of rice rolls. Sweet sauce or salty sauce with ingredients?

Central French Toast @ Central Restaurant, 313 Somerset

Let me summarise the texture and looks of this French toast in 2 words.

"Dao pok" (fried wheat gluten)

I'm not a really big fan of French toasts so I can't say much about the taste. However I really feel that it is a little boring, except for the bottle of honey that can be poured on the toast.

I rather it be more compact rather than fluffy. It may look big and thick in the picture but it is just filled with air.

I don't feel that it is worthed $4++. I rather have a cup of coffee and toast at Ya Kun.

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