Fisherman's Catch & Baked Macaroni @ Say Cheeze, Tampines 1

Never seen a piece of fish look so much like bread before.

The fish is fresh but is of quite a small portion which is not enough for big eaters.

This dish is a little too boring for me. It's just cheese, macaroni and some bits of meat. Every spoon of this that goes into my mouth has the same taste and the same texture. Makes me feel like I'm a baby eating macaroni and cheese. On the good side, it does not taste bad at all.

The meal comes with a soup of the day and a drink.

The soup of the day was minestrone which was alright except that the vegetables are not soft enough to really taste good. I prefer the vegetables in the minestrone to be very soft and easy to just slurp into the mouth without chewing.

Thinking about the drinks just makes me uneasy. Already confirmed that we wanted 2 cups of coca-cola and they still served us iced water. They obviously forgot until I reminded the person who served us. He told us that he had to check whether there are still any left. What? How can there be no coke? After awhile he brings 2 cups of diluted coke. Enough said.

$7++ per student set, quite worthed it. Please no more diluted coke next time.

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