Teriyaki Chicken & Lemon-Lime Chicken @ Astons, Jurong East

Teriyaki Chicken

Lemon-Lime Chicken

Lemon-Lime Chicken

After 2 days, we'r back at Astons, Jurong East to fill our stomachs. This time we ordered Teriyaki Chicken & Lemon-Lime Chicken. Other than our favourite fries & potato salad, this time we ordered Baked Potato as side dish.

The Teriyaki Chicken had this babeque sauce on it that didn't quite suit my taste while the Lemon-Lime Chicken didn't taste as good as I expected. I think those lemon chicken that are sold at chicken rice stall are more appealing to me.

The Baked Potato was nicely done but with only a little bit of butter on top. I felt that it could be improved if bacon bits could be added (like those at Delifrance). Yumm...

Overall I felt that it was still worthed the $11.80 with 1 set costing $5.90. I'll definately go back to Chargrill Chicken the next time I pay this stall a visit.

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