Indian Rojak @ Jurong East

First time trying Indian Rojak.

(Trying to get us on the news, you know what I mean)

Didn't know what those ingredients were made of. Took a red one, a white one, a... and so on.

I thought it was going to be like fish cakes but when it came, I found out it was more like bread. Tried a first mouth of the one with the prawn on top and it was tasty. I carried on eating and got a little tired of it.

Maybe my tasted isn't suited to Indian Rojak or this stall isn't up to it. Well, to find out I just have to try it out at the one at Geylang Serai Temporary Market!

Ahhh... my stomach

Chargrill Chicken @ Astons, Jurong East

Oh my gosh! Ordered this Chargrill chicken for $5.90 to share and it was delicious! The chicken is nice but thats not all. It comes with 2 side dishes that we could choose. We made the right choice! The potato salad is one of the best I ever had and the fries had spices on it which was similar to the ones I had at Botak Jones. I have to say I still prefer straight cut more than crinkle cut fries. Overall its really good for value as we are having restaurant standard food at a coffeeshop! Definately going to be a regular customer.

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