Poached Salmon @ IKEA

Not as 'fasinating' as the meatballs but definately worthed it for such a big piece of salmon!

The potatos are soft and go well with the sauce.

When i cut the salmon I could see red-coloured fatty substance flowing out. To me, that is very appetising. Tastes great but lacked a better texture to the fish.

At $6.90 for this portion, worthed it. Unless you are the kind of person who don't really fancy salmon.

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Swedish Meatballs @ IKEA

The famous Swedish Meatballs @ IKEA.

There's jam to go with meatballs. I found it so fascinating the first time I knew about it.

I ordered this for $2.90 for 5.

Let me try to describe them more.


I really don't know how.

Just try it!

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Poached Salmon

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings @ IKEA

Not the best but still good. Ordered it because everyone around was having them. (I'm just one of the sheeps)

Nicely seasoned and not very oily. Another good part is the meat is cooked nicely and not like some other chicken wings where you can still see blood.

At just $7.50 for 6, it's worthed it with the air-con and nice eating environment. Well, how can there not be good environment, its IKEA!

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Soursop and Strawberry Milkshake @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

YUMMY! Compared to the Avocado Milshake, this is no where behind. It tastes sweeter but all it lacks is the nutritional value as compared to Avocado Milkshake.

A perfect combination of strawberry, soursop and milk at just $2.

In my opinion other fruit juice stalls around (if they are still surviving) have to close down.

Avocado Milkshake @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Totally fantastic. Although this is the first Avocado Milkshake I had, I can say that this is surely one of the best. The combination of ingredients like evaporated milk and avocado was perfect to me!

At $2, what else can I say? Best
(Avocados are not cheap)

I heard the stall owner has been making this for around 19 years. Salute.

Big Prawn Noodles @ Alexandra Villlage Food Centre

1 and a half big prawns. I don't mind paying $5 to have this bowl of noodles or should I say, claypot of noodles.

Although the soup is not the best I have tasted, it is still acceptable.

To me, when having prawn noodles, I'll rather have the thick, fat, yellow and round kind of noodle.

Everyone should have a try of this as something like this would most likely costs higher at other places.

Sesame Oil Chicken @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Not to my expections. I prefer my Sesame Oil Chicken to be in smaller pieces and spicier. This version wasn't considered spicy to me at all but was rather sweet. (I dislike sweet things to go with rice especially soup).

The special part is that there are black fungus in it. That's something new to me. Overall I'll still recommend to have the Bak Kut Teh from the same stall if you are only ordering one of them.

It's around $8 for 2 persons' portion and I feel its not very worthed it unless your taste is different from mine.

Bak Kut Teh @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

From the stall , it is one of the best bak kut teh I ever had. It was not very spicy but instead had a herbal taste which I think is Dang Gui, a chinese herb. The pork ribs are not the same as the ones I had at other stalls as the ones here actually had the tastes of the spices of the soup compared to the others where there is only the taste of 'boiled meat'.

Shown here is a 2 persons' portion and costs around $8. I wouldn't say it is a big portion but it definitely will fill up your stomach and make you rub your tummy and say "yummy!"

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