Dim Sum @ Just Hong Kong Dim Sum, Ang Mo Kio

The dim sum that this stall serves are of better standards than most regular dim sum you see elsewhere. I decided  to go for a try after hearing that it was featured on the television show, 超级小吃“赞”2.

I really love the century egg porridge that they serve. It consists of so many ingredients including bean curd skin, shredded chicken, pepper, century egg, dried anchovy and topped with crispy Popiah skin. The combination of so many ingredients gives it such a great flavour and it only costs $2.20 for a big bowl of it.

They also serve interesting dishes like this.

I think you can guess what is it called.
Yes... it is called Carrot.

It tastes like fried Chinese New Year Cake, sweet and sticky. Adds to the fun when having a meal with your friends and family.

It also serves about 20 more dishes from the common to the uncommon. Although some of the prices are relatively higher, the quality of the food makes it really worthed it.

Must try!

Blk 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #01-3030 S560151

Beef Lasagna @ Swensen's

It wasn't bad but I wouldn't say it's one of the best. The only thing I like about this lasagna is how they 'flood' the sides with tomato sauce.

This can be something you can order the next time you look at Swensen's boring menu and do not know what to eat.

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