Cheese Baked Portuguese Sauce Spaghetti with Pork Chop @ Wongkok Char Chan Teng, Bugis Junction

first time visiting this hong-kong style cafe so i decided to order something safe.

cheese baked spaghetti, what could go wrong?

well, i was wrong. although the TOP of the spaghetti was covered in juicy and yummy cheese, the bottom was just dry. I did not even have any sauce to mix with the dry spaghetti. i tried my best to finish it but could only finish half the serving.

it was my friend's birthday so we ordered this gigantic cup of milk tea. should i use the word "cup"?

ok, so we ordered this gigantic bucket of milk tea. was pretty epic when i saw it because i wasn't around when they made the order.

this spaghetti gave me a little bit of bad impression about this restaurant however it has a large selection on its menu. maybe, i might return to try something else. hopefully it'll be tastier the next time.

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